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Dental Clinic: Barbie & Brenda


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Three adorable girls started suffering from tooth problems again! Meet Barbie, Brenda and Alice! Probably, all previous dental clinics was not strong enough to help them. No time to waste, so we decided to save them from losing the rest of htheir teeth! And now, one of the coolest dentist games is back! A brand new dental office with the latest dental instruments is just about to start functioning, but… what about a dentist??? Exactly, YOU are the one, who can take this responsibility of being a dentist doctor of this poor Barbie and save her from intense sufferings!

It seems like this adorable girls has forgotten to follow dental hygiene, because the amount of problems with their teeth is incredibly huge! As a dental assistant, you will have to look carefully and find out what other problems they have and decide which one of dental instruments is necessary to use. They may have some teeth to be whitened, the ones to be cleaned from strong stains, teeth with dental caries or the ones which are impossible to cure at all.

Do let these worry you, since your dentist office has all dental instruments to solve these issues. You can use a brush for whitening the teeth, two other tools for getting rid of stains and caries, but… what about the teeth that is impossible to cure? They definitely need to be removed, but it would make our beauty model look horrible! We can solve even this issue – the latest technology allows us to use dental implant and make her forget about the black tooth forever!

This free dentist game is not limited with only our Barbie girl. There are new characters that you have never seen before. But in order to meet them, you will have to earn some money and buy them. Earning that amount is not hard at all – the girls pays extra coins for every tooth cured. So, the faster you work, the more you will earn. There is a nice shop, where you can improve you dental instruments as well.

This dentist game is fun to play and a great way to relax, since there can be no stress in taking of the cute little Barbie, Brenda and Alice with love! Download one of the best dentist games for free and enjoy it anytime, anywhere even without internet connection!



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