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[Free Game] Rabbit Terror: Monster Legends


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Rabbit terror monster legend game is the cutest adventure game that will entertain you a lot! This funny game is the best remedy to cure your bad mood and melancholy! So if you’re ready to start the most amazing adventure in your life, then what are you waiting for? The clue to your eventful life is here – just press “install” and you won’t be able to tear yourself from this lovely Rabbit terror monster legend game! There’re a lot of cute and funny jumping rabbits and we bet that they’re the prettiest creatures that you’ve ever seen! But the tangled thing is that these lovely rabbits are exposed to the danger! Crazy and angry rabbits-mutants are hunting for every sweet bunny and try to kill him! As you see horrible legends about monster became true! And you’re the only one who can save bunny’s life! So just download this fighting game, save poor creatures and begin your own adventure!
The rules of this hunter game are as easy as cake – there’re two types of rabbits – the first group is represented by white, lovely and funny creatures that are so pretty, that you can’t keep your eyes off them! But the second group of rabbits is like the most dreadful monster – all of them try to destroy white rabbits! So your aim in this jumping rabbit adventure game is to save all funny bunnies from monster, you should neatly kill every crazy rabbit and hence save the life of poor sweeties! You will be hunting for each monster who dared to attack white bunnies! Isn’t it tangled? You’ll not just aimlessly kill somebody, but you’ll save the loveliest creatures that’ve ever existed in this world!
But playing this fighting game is quite complicated – each crazy jumping rabbit is very smart and elusive, so you should try a lot in order to save bunny’s life! Are you able to accept this challenge? If yes, just try this cute hunter game and test your strength and craftiness! Just imagine – pretty rabbits are suffering from crazy rabbit mutants, they are in despair and they’re waiting for you! Don’t leave each poor jumping rabbit to the mercy of fate, tackle the tangled issue with mutants and prevent their hunting! And remember that playing fighting game is the cutest chance to prove your bravery to your friends because not everyone is able to deal with crazy jumping rabbits-mutants!
Download this game about dark legends and monster who is killing kind bunnies and you’ll become the hero of the virtual world! And besides the wonderful adventure, this funny game prepared a lot of bonuses for you!
• First of all this adventure game is absolutely free!
• In addition it’s offline game, so you’ll be able to play it and enjoy jumping rabbits without internet connection!
• There are several levels available in this game! Will you accept the challenge and pass all of them?
• Moreover this funny game has extremely vivid and colorful screen, what makes it possible for you to imagine yourself inside the legends about monster, hunting for white bunnies!
Download the coolest hunter game and immerse yourself into the world of unforgettable adventures with your beloved bunnies!
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