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Custom Rom For Alcatel 918N 2.3.6 (Ideasmartphone id 918)

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CWM link is down 

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I have problem in downloading apps in google play.. it says that "There is insufficient space on the device" but I have a lot of space in my internal memory and sd card. I also try downloading small apps and it say the same. How can I fix this?  :-??

same here bro did you fix it already?
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Sir i need your help please help me plz plz plz plz.I am in a huge problem my phone is stuck in a boot loop every time i flash any rom i mean any rom!! i downloaded 4 roms but nothing works i installed cwm but every time i restart my phone the custom recovery goes and the default recovery takes its place i also rooted the phone using superuser zip so i decided that after flashing the custom recovery i will install a custom rom.So i installed cwm using mobile uncle tool and it worked.then i wiped data factory reset and wiped the cache partitions and also the dalvik cache and flashed a custom rom jellydroid by mark it installed and i rebooted but there were infinite bootloops  then i repeated the whole process again and flashed a different rom bravia experia but same happened again.phone wont boot and always there is a bootloop please help me i want my phone back to life.i have tried 4 roms but there is bootloop bootloop and bootloop my phone is alcatel onetouch 918n dual sim (ideasmartfone) and i have 1 gb memory card plz plz help me (really sorry for my bad english!!!)

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