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Mac password Cracker------

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Topic says at all----

But i am going to evaporate more------

Suppose You forget your MacPassword or want to access other password enable Mac---------------

and i tell u that it is possible without crack then can u believe me.....

But that's true-----

today i am telling you about kon-boot--------

this is tool with the help u can use Mac without password with other Guest account......................

But it is not work like on windows u have to manually delete guest acc By typing this in terminal--

dscl . delete /users/kon-boot

What u need------

1. USB drive or Floppy or disc (Digital or Versatile ).......

2. A Mac ........

What u have to do..........

1. Copy all files to ur USB , Floppy or Disc.....

2. restart computer and boot from what u create----

3.And u wiil be see a guest acc just enter kon-boot in username and password


Is this working on all Mac ?

yes but don't support some bios......

Any one can track me ?

yes via history but no one use this Function as pro....

After one use Is password reset for life until we don't set password ?

Yes u have to delete guest acc by this...

Run terminal application (console command prompt)

Execute "dscl . delete /users/kon-boot"

You have to reset ur acount or victim accound password from users and group and reset password..........




                                                        Posted Image

Note:- This app using  Paid........


                                                                                                Official Video Tour





                                                                                                                Enjoy  >:)

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