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Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

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Gameloft :  :-bd

The plot, which loosely follows that of the blockbuster, takes a backseat to the action. Those hoping for a play-by-play of the social struggles in The Dark Knight Rises will be disappointed. But then, monologues on the nature of justice and the morality of compromise would hardly make for compelling gameplay. You'll get a story that intersects with the movie at key points, filling in with what boils down to a lot of fetch-quests and wave after wave of baddies. The puzzles presented include a hacking mini-game similar to Mass Effect, though the justification for some of them - like "hacking" into three separate power couplings to move a train - are a bit contrived. Small point: why does Bruce Wayne have to collect "credits" for power-ups? You'd think he could just, you know, buy them.

Dynamic Do-Over

Unfortunately, TDKR features a few problems that are rather endemic to third-person action games with touch controls. Moving Batman around and keeping the camera at an appropriate angle is nearly impossible, unless you're blessed with three thumbs. And though Gameloft is copying Rocksteady in combat and gadgets, they can't seem to get the flowing movement just right - ol' Bats moves around as if he's had his back broken. Dispatching enemies is a fairly bland chop-socky affair. Though you're given plenty of trick batarangs to play with, none are as effective as a knuckle sandwich. In contrast, the vehicle segments are great fun, for the short time that they last.

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