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New Jelly Bean Play Store for Android

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Earlier today, Google announced a slew of new content for the Play Store, including magazines, TV shows, and the ability to purchase movies. New content is great, but there’s a problem: The new Play Store isn’t yet available on devices other than the Nexus 7 and I/O Galaxy Nexus (post-Jelly Bean update).

As always, though, those crafty devils over at XDA have yanked the newest version of the Play Store from one of the aforementioned devices and made it available to the world.

Simply download and install it like any normal apk to start enjoying all the hyper-fresh content you can eat.

Update: The Play Store now supports setting a favorite sharing method that you can customize to your liking.

Install: If you are getting error Application Not Installed then copy & paste it to /system/app and reboot the phone.

If you are using Repencis ROM and getting error, copy and paste it to /sdcard/.SystemReplacer via Root Browser then goto Settings > Repencis Labs > System Replacer and install & reboot!


Posted Image

Posted Image

Link- http://www.androidlab.it/dwd/JB_Play_Store.apk

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