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New RM-523x/C6/X6/356/551/588/559/625/684/504 SkyFire Redefined On >N97< Updated

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move all your songs to E:Music and refresh music player again 

??? Official SkyFire Redefined Thread ??? Announcement : Do Not Download Nokia 5250 (RM-684) As Itz Faulty.... Will Soon Try To Fix it... RAM Boost upgrade Will Soon Come .... May be A Month...

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OK, im flashing with orinal firmware

and i'm flasing with this cfw again

probelem :

- but, my baterai and signal notifications not show...

- i'am can't change menu to 3 x 4

hikksss.....  :( :( :( :( :(

install belle topbar for icons

and try again to menu change , exit from menu and again run menu like icon app and exit again

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is it okay to use core v51.6.002 for my nokia 5230 which has s/w version v21.0.004?? plz help :(

Simple rule.  If you have flashed your phone already with a higher version of core file, say v51.0.1 , then you can't use any earlier core file version like v21.0.42.

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