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QQ Browser The Fastest Browser is available for Symbian^3!!

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Hi, this is Rita from QQ Browser Team. I’m here to introduce you to our latest product QQ Browser and I'll be here taking questions and providing info about QQ Browser. :)

? The FASTEST, SMARTEST and HEALTHIEST mobile browser to access thousands of hot sites!

? Hot videos, games, applications and news are just clicks away!

? Languages supported: English, Korean, Indonesian, Thai.

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Designed by Tencent Mobile International –Top 4 Internet companies in the world (Google, Facebook, Amazon, Tencent).  300,000,000 users are using QQ Browser every day.

Cool Features:

1) We care about your privacy-- Select “Private Mode” to make your browsing safe and secure.

2) You can search for anything-- Google, Naver, Yahoo, Bing are all integrated.

3) Try our powerful Download Manager-- It offers the fastest download speed and effective file management.

4) Check out the user-friendly Start Screen – Left: 12 editable speed dials; Right: links to abundant hot sites.

5) Viewing multiple windows can save time -- Click “Multi-window Management” to control or easily switch between opened windows.

6) Share what you’re reading with your friends -- Click “Share” in menu, long-press a webpage/downloaded file, then you can easily share everything with your friends.

7) Scan QR Code -- Use QQ Browser to auto-scan a QR code and find what you want.

8) Your health matters to us-- Select Night Mode in menu to protect your eyes when you read in the dark.

You can get the latest QQ Browser here on your desktop computer or use your phone.

If you have any questions or comments, post here or ask in our forum: http://forum.qqservice.mobi.

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