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[In the works] Krystal^2 C6v41

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hello..i m wait krist 2.0..but once request frm me,..now krstal have 1 HS working,can u mod 2 HS working perfctly?i mean hS scond can add any content like HS Firts..one more,can u moddg sms inbox automtik open in convercation?thank all..

my friend just to let u know, its impossible to add another HS. Its just a port and also our phones aren't compatible via the hardware side to support so much load. 1 HS is all we can get and that should more than enough :P

as for the sms opening in conversation, he has already integrated the conversation app, u'll have to manually open the app, there is no way to open the inbox and get it redirected to the conversation app. If u want u can try using i-sms 2.0 its an awesome alternative to conversation and if u know a little bit of modding u to can integrate it in place of the conversation app.

refer: http://forum.gizmolord.com/s60v5-applications/i-sms-2-0-!!/

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Try considering a Switch Appln which can switch the Window Vertically or Horizontally even the Sensor is Disabled(Just like in LinsPirat CFW). It will make Pdf/Ebooks reading a pleasurable experience. Pls do check out the possibilities of adding video codecs to the CFW, if possible. Without much of conversion we can watch movies by doing so. Thanks

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