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Apple Magic Trackpad Features, Cost, Pictures & Specifications

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Apple quietly released a brand new input device to go along with their line of desktop products, the Magic Trackpad. Its a large touch surface that resembles the trackpads on Apple’s MacBooks, is a standalone device that works wirelessly over Bluetooth. It has a glass surface (same as the one on the current MacBooks) and supports multi-touch gestures. With the launch of this new device, Apple’s multi-touch gestures can be enjoyed on any Mac computer. Here are some pictures.

Posted Image

[img width=770 height=375]http://images.apple.com/magictrackpad/images/hero_2_20100727.png

[img width=770 height=375]http://images.apple.com/magictrackpad/images/hero_3_20100727.png

[img width=770 height=375]http://images.apple.com/magictrackpad/images/hero_4_20100727.png

A few things about the new Magic Trackpad that are noteworthy -

#The trackpad has rubber feet which prevents it from skidding on your desk.

#From the design, though a button seems impossible, but Apple managed to put buttons beneath the rubber feet, so that the whole trackpad acts as a button, you can apply pressure anywhere to click.

#The trackpad has an aluminium design, similar to Apple’s wireless keyboard, and is almost dimensionally similar to it too, so that they look like a part of a set together. If you already own an Apple wireless keyboard, then this new device will go great with it.

#The cylindrical compartment at the back of the trackpad (as seen in above pictures) is a container for the 2 AA batteries which power the trackpad. Apple claims that the trackpad has inbuilt energy saving features, and that a single charge is enough to last for ‘months’.

#To get the Magic Trackpad to work with your iMac, you’ll need the Magic Trackpad and Multi-Touch Trackpad Update, available via Software Update, for using the multi-touch gestures.

The Magic Trackpad is priced at USD 69 and is available at the Apple online store.

Apple Magic TrackPad

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