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How to Update LG Arena KM900 With UptestEx

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Here i am going to explain how to flash your LG Arena KM900 with UptestEx tool.

First you need to have LG pc suite installed on your PC and updated to the latest version

You can find LG suite here: LG Mobile Phone Support

Caution: Follow these instructions at your own risk. I will not be responsible for any damages, injury or death resulting from use of these instructions. However, if you complete all the steps as given, you won’t encounter any problems.

The UptestEx tutorial:

1)  Download uptestex tool (the one i use) from here: UpTestEX_1.0.4.8.cab

Windows Enabler: windows_enabler.zip

If you arent satisfied with this, google it and u will get the latest version.

2)  Make a folder  ( name you want ) ( save where you want ) and then extract both  UptestEX and Windows Enabler on that one folder folder.. you will combine the two when you extract.. so like this

Posted Image

3)  Copy also the firmware you want to flash on that folder..

4)  Open the windows enabler, then you well see the icon on the lower right beside the time and click once the icon to activate..

      Here is a picture showing not active

[img width=523 height=420] noactive.jpg

      Click once to activate it like this..

[img width=526 height=420] active.jpg

5)  Connect the phone to the usb and via pc suit..

6)  Now open the UptestEx.exe. Here is a picture:

[img width=575 height=420] uptestexx.jpg

Once the R&D test tool is open you can see that all the field is GRAYED But you can click on the field even if still GRAYED

[img width=550 height=420] untitled.jpg

7)  Fill the appropriate sections and choose your file..

  Here is a picture showing how to:

[img width=540 height=420]http://www.rracuares.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/UpTestEX.jpg

That's it. Click "start upgrade" and it will take 15-20 mins (maybe less)..

Happy Flashing :) :)

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