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EquiLibriuM by Team DroiD | based on N97v30 | 5800, 5233, 5230, 5530, X6|All RMs

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Hi I have a problem,I 'm using Nokia X6 wit Equilibrium: Hiding the Music Player, Going to Music Widget Pressing the Album Art of the song that's currently Playing It takes you to the Now Playing of Music Player BUT When you click BACK It takes you to the homescreen, INSTEAD of the All Songs Menu. Anyone has a solution? Thanks.

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can anyone tell me how to increase ram size in equilibrium.. i'm just getting : 17.20 mb /121.06 mb  :facepalm:  :sad:

Happens if there are apps running in background

1. Did you do a hard reset and delete the necessary files from E: drive or memory card?

2. Make sure no heavy apps are running on your plhone, you can check which apps are running in the background using an app called killme (inbuit in cfw) or install an app called Ktask manager.

If you don't know which apps to close, give us your list of apps running in background, and we'll guide you further.

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running apps in removable section are (from KIllme) : *popupclock , **procMgrServer_ox2002..., **loggerServer_ox2002B... , and *peninputserver

and i had done hard reset ( *#7370#) on my phone only once when i was flashing !

try ending these, **procMgrServer_ox2002..., **loggerServer_ox2002B... , and *peninputserver, you wont' get full 50mb, but atleast more than 20mb freed

-edit : guess your using whatsapp alot right??

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Hey guys, this is best cfw i have use ,good ram,very fast ,nice bettary back up ,n also nice theme.now question is when i play any high quality video or movie its not playing smooth something like u can says it little buffering .n what is cpu mode u used ,i thing its cpu problem or any other problem bro.pls waiting for reply .And also  5 for your wonderful work

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