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  1. http://www.sadev.co.za/content/installing-windows-phone-developer-tools-windows-8 follow this tuto to install WP7.1 SDK on windows 8
  2. u need to spread this post a lot.! Its the Only tuto which is on the internet.
  3. it works..but changes had to be made since it was confusing some people!
  4. First of all this is not my work, i was not able to the team with this, but i was following everything and have a heads up as well...also have been with some people trying to get the lumia 800 unlocked for everyone as well. biktor_gj over at XDA along with ULTRASHOT managed this. NOTE : IF YOU HAVE AN LUMIA 800 WITH QUALCOMM , PM ME! Second : IF YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU READ PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS! GET IN TOUCH WITH ME OR A MOD, WE WILL HELP YOU REMOTELY! BUT WILL NEED SOME TIME TO ADJUST! Third : There is some risk in this if you dont do it correct by yourself, myself and n
  5. i would say..an awesome post..but i guess its very hard fro newbies to learn it....and also..now symbian 5th is nearly dying , not a good time to make such a tuto..should have been done months ago..
  6. finally ur wish come true.. 710 full unlocked....but still beta..so hold on till alpha
  7. walls i can get u now..hold on 2 mins... ringtones will give u later edit : uploaded wallpapers!
  8. yes there is an app to unpack the fw first rename ur firmware to from .esco to .zip den u can extract it using any extractor den u need OS builder to play around with the image. i will make a tuto soon with all this.
  9. post your lockscreen screen shots here!! You will probably need developer unlock or interop unlock and screenshot app. DEVELOPER UNLOCK INTEROP UNLOCK ScreenCapture app in attachments. Will post my lockscreen asap, need a good wallpaper
  10. Name: Surya Fernades One-Liner: I would like to be a part of this Contest which could win me a full licence of Wondershare PDF Converter.
  11. Interop unlock is a term that refers to the ability to deploy applications using the interop capability on devices updated on Mango or above. Prior to Mango, applications using interop drivers, such as registry editors, could be deployed if the device was unlocked. In the Mango update, however, Microsoft chose to block the capability, preventing the deployment of these applications. The installation process is pretty complicated and, until someone can port the process to Windows, requires users to be in Linux.
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