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  1. wrong spelling on the shut down splash screen it should be shutting with double T.
  2. moderators please translate this cfw to a perfect english pls pls,pavan ,die, and many other great modders here pls im waiting
  3. can anyone port this pack to ofw pls
  4. i copy and paste all the files in belle aio pack but im having a brick phone do i have to edit the starter files?im using a ofw based cfw
  5. can anyone make a belle navibar like this cos this one is perfect showing appropriate symbols on every apps like in music player the hide button is arrow downward i love the navibar but it is only on russian language and i cant understand
  6. does this works on ofw based cfw??? sorry i didnt red it carefully +1 added
  7. nice share and nice themes can u share it here and the themes also in the other thread can u post it Yeah ,hoping
  8. the top bar is still there,when i go to file manger/find/any folder when i try to input txt the topbar is still there,i did the steps above correctly but it is only working on msgs
  9. Its ok i just wnt to try a new cfw cuz i tried all cfw for my c5 03 But their all buggy like ultra big fonts ,r01 files not completely edited for belle bar , when i install many apps on my c drive internet response takes 10 years even if system cache is set on e drive and may more
  10. this cfw looks great +1 pavan can u make a ofw base cfw for c5 03?? u r a gud cfw maker thats why im requesting on u ,, so pls can u make 1??
  11. sir i wnt to have a magnifying glass icon at the middle what .mif is responsible and what to change in the settings.ini i want it in the middle so pls help me and that icon will run my opera mini
  12. how to the remove the xtra buttons when im on my homescreen!?
  13. can u tell me whats the use of this??i dnt hve any knowledge about making themes but i hav plan of making my own
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