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  1. Ever wondered about running Android apps on computer? Using BlueStacks, you can easily run Android apps on your desktop Windows PC or laptop.After the player is installed, you can download and run popular Android apps and games such as Pulse, Fruit Ninja, Battlefield 3, Adobe Premiere Elements and more from the AppZone. Download :- Bluestack Enjoy...!!!
  2. Try this on CM7 ROM....Partition your sd card to 1 GB and swap size 0 MB.......using Clockworkmod 5
  3. Personalize the look is fun, this is the latest theme for Nokia Java Phone and this theme is an update of previous WP8 theme, in this theme I changed some parts like, swf wallpaper, wallpaper menu, music skin and some elements..there are some screenshot i inserted @ attachment ...I am just sharing it For 240*320 resolution phone:- Windows 8 blue:- http://goo.gl/3PK77 Windows 8 red:- http://goo.gl/JV4bB For 320*240 resolution phone:- Windows 8 pink:- http://goo.gl/xuDaF Windows 8 green:- http://goo.gl/H7Uyj enjoy....
  4. For those People,who have Lower end device of Andriod phone like Galaxy mini,Young,Htc wildfire,etc mainly facing problem with their internel memory... Don't worry....take a deep breath cuz now you can increase your internel memory whatever you want... Hmmnnnn.... now come to the topic,this post is not for noobiess For those who has an error with a2sd / s2e / link2sd like : X (when install apps then the phone restarts X (can't download from market which says "Cannot download xxx due to an error" I suggest u to use this script, it is similar to a2sd and others. the script will mo
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