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  1. can i replace swipe to unlock with maze lock
  2. while installing windows 7,"cd/dvd drive device missing" error is cpming how to solve
  3. make for Badri Anil Kumar
  4. anil0405


    is there any cfw for sony ericssion w150i
  5. thank u man,i got it,thank u for ur info
  6. where to place and can u give the link
  7. how to hack ofw before flashing,i.e(by editing rofs2)
  8. this will work paste the fonts folder in E:\resource by connecting to the computor or laptop(mass storage) and restart ur phone it will work fine
  9. i tried to find,but not found,try this one extract it place the font folder in resource folder in memory card
  10. i am using binh24c6v42 but it has a bug in camera photo click is not working(both soft and hard)
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