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  1. Nice I will check once but it's volume of downloads is less and reviews. However I'll try once.
  2. After You connected to laptop through USB on your phone it asks for turn on usb storage, other wise change your options conneced as usb storage and then in your laptop open your sd drive and done your task. Other wise if your lsaptop has Bluetooth option then you can directly send through Bluetooth.
  3. I am strange hearing these I don't know it really happens with those, I seen Airtel It works for both calls and data. May be it dependa on Network or all are like that only.
  4. Yeah Intially these both Redmi and Mi phones got good sales but as of now they can't stand that much as in the initial days, They are getting more problems as days go on. It's better you can check more with the model which you go for it.
  5. With the amount you specified you can get Moto G or Lenovo vibe these having good front speakers as you mentioned for videos as these having good dolby sounds You can better opt these.
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