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  1. I am looking for a good (and preferably free) time lapse application for S60 v5. There is an application 'Lapsed' mentioned in the 'Collection of QT apps' thread in this forum but that app seems to be discontinued now. (Beta trial has expired or something). Anybody know of any good time lapse apps?
  2. Initial observations.. 1. First I installed the FB webapp I got from m.facebook.com .. but later when I checked software update - it showed me an update for FB .. installed that and it's the original FB 5800 app .. works well. 2. Ovi/Nokia Maps, Google Maps working fine. 3. Cannot find a way to add podcasts to the music / podcasting app. 4. Sad to see that the favourite contacts on the home screen do not 'scroll' as they did in 5800 (so only 4 contacts in 1 widget).
  3. Allright.. Installed Krystal^1.5 without any hiccups! (RM-428 -> RM-356 -> Krystal^1.5) This is great .. hats off to you Die2mrw007!! Only have barebones Krystal 1.5 and verified that wifi connectivity is working. Haven't explored installing any apps yet. btw .. ovi store now does not show me the app for Facebook any longer
  4. Okay .. I flashed my phone from RM-428 (51.2.007) to RM-356 (52.0.101) Now I need to put Krystal^1.5 on it. What is this renaming ROFS2 business and how do I do it?
  5. But before I can install Krystal^1.5 - I do need to flash my phone with the RM-356 ofw right? Or can I install Krystal directly onto my current RM-428?
  6. So If I understand it right - heres what I need to do to get Krystal1.5 on my RM-428 (51.2.007) .. 1. Flash my 5800 with RM-356 52.0.101 2. Flash it again with the Krystal 1.5 ROFS2 Is this right? Am I missing anything?
  7. Much appreciated. Found this tutorial online -- http://forum.pnht.pl/showthread.php?114-Tutorial-Flashing-RM-356-firmwares-to-your-RM-428-devices Will this work? Or should I wait until your NFE instructions? My phone details - 5800 RM-428 v51.2.007 Will also appreciate if future ports also include RM-428!
  8. Die .. I am a noob at this .. but willing to give it a shot .. if someone gives me simple instructions on how to port the RM-356 Krystal^1.5 to my RM-428 phone .. I will try it out. (Also let me know in the instrns what to do if I brick the phone accidentally).
  9. Hi .. thanks for your prompt reply. This is my first time even trying to install any CFW. Unfortunately most CFWs seem to be for RM-356 .. and I found zero for RM-428 (US)... Probably bcos Nokia marketshare is so low in US so not many ppl would have it. Tough for us Nokia users over here I haven't heard of NFEstd before. Would appreciate any help. Going to sleep now .. late over here .. will check the forum tomorrow.
  10. Hi Guys .. I am new here .. can I use Krystal^1.5 for 5800 - RM-428? Which CFW can I use for RM-428? Thanks!
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