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  1. Here is a beta game we are working on. Its a fun bouncing red ball game with 2 game modes, rush and timed. We want to see if enough people like the game so we can finish the next 25 to 30 levels and launch it. Please give us your feedback. Should we work on next 25 levels ? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.O3Lab.BounceAlong
  2. Hello everyone, I just launched a new News application that contains over 15,000 news links from all across the globe. I wanted to make a news app that people can read in their native language and also read news directly from their country of interest. I know there are many news sources aka google news, yahoo news and so on but they all concentrate on specific regions and only headline news. Headline news is great but i for 1 always wanted to just keep up with current affairs in my birth country. Global World news app also contains some of the top news sources aka , bbc , rt, new york times,
  3. wow , amazing list. thank you so much for posting this. In 2 min i got more info about my phone then in the past 6 months lol. I would like to however mention that people that are not comfortable with advanced options probably should not be playing around with some of the options here lol.
  4. 2015 android tablets

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