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  1. Hello my name is kraftwerk and i have some problems adding apps on my phone's firmware (n85). I want to add some extra apps like X-Plore , smart settings, Ovi Maps ....etc., but I am facing some problems. I added files in firmware of some apps but when I flash my phone it doesn't work. I used SISContents to put every file to the right place. I only managed to add screenshot app. Can someone give me some ideas? for modding i use prod.core.fpsx i did in z memory because i don't want to lose the apps when i do a hard reset. i acualy add some files in z/sys/bin to make my phone permanently hacked . i use siscontents to extract the apps and then using that list information as you see on my picture i put the files in that path but in Z ....... ex : !:sysbinPhoneTorchV2FP32N.exe in list but i do like this Z:sysbinPhoneTorchV2FP32N.exe i think that is the way and when i flash my phone , the app is not showing . In other cases the apps appear in the meniu but it has a blue puzzle and it not starts
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