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  1. I have gionne ctrl v4s in which my memory card is selected as default which is of fat32 format 16gb samsung ,gta san andreas working by puting data in memory card but not working when putting on internal,my internal remain empty 3.7/3.7gb,i can copy files in it as i have rooted i dont like gltosd ,i formated memory card with ntfs but phone prompted that sdcard is not formated format it,then gione formated memory card to fat32 again. I want to play my modified gta sa of 3gb through internal memory ,help.
  2. I am buying micromax canvas A1 which has 1gb ram,1.3ghz quad core (mediatek),4gb internal,32gb expandable by mc,mali 400mp gpu;By this hardware i can play gta san andreas 2.3gb game,gangster miami vindiction,gangster rio,9mm,etc?
  3. Ngage 2.0 games working on c6 cfws but not working on ofw based cfw/original fws (5233,523x).Games like mgs,nfsu,resident evil not working on ofw and worms,block breaker,age of empiers were working.I WANT TOOLS TO RUN ALL N97 COMPATIBLE NGAGE 2.0 GAMES ON S60V5 OFWs.
  4. I want this file(101F8557.txt) of original fw of 5233 to get back FOTA and update my 5233 from linspirat v2 rev to original fw
  5. Hello,i want to play 480x800 big java games on my s60v5 with 360x640.Because that big java jar games have some new things,compare world at arms(360x640) with world at arms(480x800).i want to resize those games and not want to reduce size as they are of 3mbs than that of 1mb-2mb of s60v5.please help
  6. Apk emulator for s60v5,hello all i want all symbion 9.4,9.4+ users focus here="http://forum.dailymobile.net/index.php?topic=96473.0"
  7. Over the air update/downgrade.Hello,i have currently linspirat cfw v2 rev,i want original fw through FOTA which deleted by author in c6 based linspirat v2 rev.Help me to solve it i not have pc so online downgrade.
  8. What will if we make a cfw by cynogen mod files and make s60v5s as android and completely remove symbion^1 os.Or please make cynogen mod avail for all s60v5.
  9. I thnk we not use different fw and sacrifice some features because there is no need of more ram for dosbox,ngage2.0,hd games[numtpage error,hw error],wormshd,csi miami hd.We should start using new attractive fw with all features.
  10. I am getting 61.55mb free ram at startup with animation and sounds and 43mb after heavy usage in linspirat v2 rev cfw.i am thinking to install blaze ultimate ofw to get more ram.
  12. Kailash555


    I want payback game for my 5233 s60v5,it should run like same which in IOS&AMIGA.
  13. I want an emulator to run ngage qd,s60v1,s60v2,s60v3,s60 uiq apps&games on s60v5.
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