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  1. can we install threadsms to messaging? i guess it's better than normal conversation. what u say? is it possible?
  2. how can i change homescreen wallpapers? i can't change them. i just can choose default wallpapers of belle shell
  3. bro all of them has problem with turkish language and i using c6v40 cfw which is ported for n97 and i have no problem with this cfw. Already n97 has low ram thats why i cant do anything
  4. i have done what u say but i still have ony 25 mb ram. when i close belle shell i have 50 mb ram again. where is the problem?its working perfectly at startup but eaten many ram that's why i can't run some apps and games. i have to close belle shell for run them.
  5. i deleted those files after flashed my phone. Should i do it before flash?
  6. excuse me i wrote wrong.i meant belle shell which inside this topic yea why i have only 25 mb ram after launch belle shell?
  7. everything is ok but i lose 20-25 mb ram after run spbhell. i flashled my phone with first post. how can i earn more ram?
  8. hi friends. i have using n97 (c6v40 ported) and i dont have rofs3 in my CFW. so can i delete this folder? and will u put only rofs2 folder to phone? please say something. thanks
  9. unfortunately i don't have personal-->home screen-->homescreen themes in my n97 :S that's why i can't use orange home screen theme too...
  10. oh i see now bro thank u so much and sorry for stole ur time
  11. sorry but i didn't understand. will i install any version of spb shell after applied this steps in cwf? if yes am i install spb shell into rofs or after flash my phone?
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