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  1. I suppose I'm back hehe. Time for a Power Supply story that I was sadly not there to watch as a 850 WATT corsair PSU umm kinda incapacitated itself in a grand finale. The PSU itself apparently had a bad capacitor on it so one day when the machine would not start up my dad being himself starting checking why. Well when it did start back up 3 feet or 1 meter of smoke came out of the case. This is a custom rig mind ya so it poured smoke from every orifice or vent available and thats why PC power and cooling is used now. Sorry for the delay I've been a bit busy all around for the past month I
  2. Well with that much space might as well be matter of fact. I usually store my ISO's that I like to keep hanging around as well as music, movies, blu-ray rips, etc. I find the thing that eats the most space to be Virtual Machines however when I wish to run Vmware Workstation 8. I'm not gonna go into how I acquire these rips but its safe to say I do so legally most of the time because of my ISP only having a 768 kbp download rate.
  3. Windows 8 is well interesting theres no other way to put it I like the way Windows 7 looked but I will make it work just the same. I want the pretty start orb back though it was soo nice since I typically use the other programs other then a core set of them.
  4. Wow I need to come here more Well King it took about an hour or two to put together still having a issue with one of the hard drives sadly.
  5. What all it does is force shut downs every time on the hour without giving the user a chance to save his / her work. lol
  6. Ya its a touch screen me laptop that is but Windows 8 ain't goin on there cause laptop only uses stable stuff.
  7. That so doesn't count for a Desktop menu haha. Sorry Guys can't be showing everything on my desktop lol
  8. I also make custom rigs sometimes they are a bit of over kill but I've seen it all since a guy tried to sell me a couple delta fans.
  9. First I wanna say yes I'm alive lol Ok PC Specs lets do dis. GIGABYTE 990FXA UD7 Phenom II X6 1090t 4.09 GHZ Sapphire 6850 Crossfire OC'd 8 GB of RAM 1333 (I think) HANS G 28 inch monitor DVD Burner / Blu-ray Burner 2 X 1.5 TB HDD 2 X 1 TB HDD Raid 0 Windows 8 Consumer Preview X64 I'll skip the activation information as it would be frowned on. However the computer I built myself god was a peace of work since it uses a freakin huge cooler on it to get the temps hovering around 30 C. The Processor Maxed out at 4.1 GHZ and wasn't stable it made me cry a little on the inside lol.
  10. Ok I've done batch coding stuff more or less for fun the shutdown one is not efficient but funny. Punch this in to make it better: Schtasks /create /sc HOURLY /TN Shutdown /TR CMD.exe Shutdown /f Is this too evil?
  11. Once you understand Java or C# the other languages are pretty easy to learn since they run virtually the same syntax.
  12. I like this Idea since I use Batch scripting and such would it be possible to add a Run as Command Prompt as well in there. Just an Idle thought since you can do so much with the command line area.
  13. At this point I don't mind. Mines Smorgan2005 I'm usually on gmail more tbh.
  14. Gotta start somewhere here even thou I've been to so many and left Win7vista & mdl was fun but times change. And besides gotta keep my java in good shape.
  15. Funny first forum post. I'll take a look at this I gotta refresh my java anyway its probably getting a bit rusty at this point ^'> -Smo
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