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  1. of course! please check here: http://dx.com/s/Nexus+7 , we offer many good and cheap case for Nexus 7, enjoy~
  2. I am not sure, it depends on our supplier, but i think it will be on sale soon xD
  3. Hi rushi1607, I can't send the PM to you, please contact me as soon as possible, I should send you our gift card~ If you do not contact me in time, I will pass this chance to another guy, so please send me a PM, thank you~ DX team
  4. Hi Everyone: So we have a winner for this competition! The winner is number 16! "rushi1607" - Congratulations!! Thanks everyone for participating and please watch out for our up and coming competition!! Thanks again DX Team
  5. Hi friend, please don't worry, we don't have any criteria for free shipping worldwide, even if your order is only $1, we also will ship to you for free , and we ship via postal service. if you have any question, please feel free to contact me
  6. Hi Everyone, This is the $25 gift card giveaway for November, to be redeemed on our DX.COM site on gizmolord forum! Follow this link to the correct page Rules: 1. Visit the specific link above, find your preferred Tablet around $100 price range! 2. Then Post the page Link/URL and Pictureback into this thread! 3. Give a brief idea about your choice! 4. Suggest a good competition for the next DX $GC giveaway! *Prize: * DX.com Gift Card valued at $25 for the Winner!! 1 winner will be selected using random.org Deadline: From 2nd Nov – 8th Nov. Good luck!
  7. thanks for your support! we will keep improving our service, hope you can enjoy shopping on our site
  8. Check this http://dx.com/p/14-16-9-screen-guard-protection-film-for-notebook-laptop-transparent-148433 ,is this 14'' laptop screen ok? Let me show you the keyboard guard: http://dx.com/s/keyboard+protector we offer very nice price you can check are they attractive?
  9. Sure! Check this link: http://dx.com/c/laptops-tablets-1499/screen-protectors-1406 , have fun~
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