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  1. Try and share your experience!
  2. I have installed a call recorder on my Nokia 5233 running on Equilibrium, but it is a trial app and expires in 14 days. It is almost going to expire and I really find it very helpful but not want to pay for it. It works perfectly. Can I somehow get the key code or get a similar software for free? Please?
  3. hahahah! We can't even back up and restore the "files", can we?
  4. I hope you know that you are recommended not to backup and restore settings when you flash your phone. True, isn't it?
  5. I know that, but I would talk to you as in Gtalk/Skype/Nimbuzz, when I flash my phone! Please?
  6. Cool! And do you ever come online on them?
  7. As do you have an account? I mean, you can always access them from your pc too. Actually, I would like to talk to you while flashing my phone!
  8. Okay! Thanks alot!! You on nimbuzz or skype?
  9. Okay! Cool! Is this better than Kyrstal^1 or 1.5?
  10. I have Krystal^1. Is there any other cfw I should be using? I don't really like changing cfws again and again cause it leads to loss of data and settings. So only recommened if its really good! And what about Die2mrw's upcoming cfw? When is it coming?
  11. And how to we make the clock etc visible even when we "hide content" on homescreen? In steps please??
  12. Can you please give us a date as to when do you plan to make and post the CFW? An approx date if you can't give a sure one?
  13. I dont know how to do that! The instructions given in he above link will work or not?
  14. Oh! Ok! And after that? The instructions given here do not mention anything about changing the bios etc and says it will install then also! What should I do?
  15. I have download the .iso file from the above link! But I wanted to make sure as to how should I install it? Are these links fine? http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msstore/html/pbPage.Help_Win7_usbdvd_dwnTool
  16. I didi exactly what was given above but still bricked my phone! Thanks you! :\
  17. Oh! Ohk Thanks alot for your advice mate!! +1 to both you and The person who gave the link!
  18. Oh! Ohk! Maybe! Obviously you know better than me! Thanks for correcting me!
  19. Thanks alot!! Can I update to android 2.3.5 using this method? o.O
  20. If you want to use a song, you can use "Summer of 69" by Bryan Adams! Its loud and awesome!
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