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  1. i wanna participate coz the earphones looks awessome dying to try them out
  2. google high logic font creator.. and refer tutorial by anurag
  3. naah. its working.. m juss saying the HS slide is making it weird.. thats it.. again.. awesome share
  4. Lol... u tried it ? it says touch edge and swipe it from L to R..
  5. u can import persian language and use instead of porting.. It wud be more convenient.
  6. Highly customizable, performance driven, home screen replacement for Android 4.0+ https://lh4.ggpht.com/NExPZc0f6O7k9_p8-370zaIIIv9Ewew4uh6bHK_f48oTuWdrTlTccLHYNGEPer5h0A=h230 https://lh4.ggpht.com/kQjOB4FGuJpzMUfyeBUvRSJ4V2WVEOb-hAZgfgeqcSr0arzDyCutBL1UhOW0ZFaB3Q=h230 Download here
  7. https://lh5.ggpht.com/hGqTAASCMj9jY0DHzU1D89nLZfS0MFIZPboF1EDtw8tQhN_offWl70PPHuXMRB59Sds[img width=251 height=420]https://lh3.ggpht.com/uBXirrn3tDI3bONgSCKTmNXiMncyyvQnfWCQ43GfrlSrXedHcgpv3elr_WsFsWWF-g For android 2.2 + DOWNLOAD
  8. +1 mate.. awesome share.. EDIT : just tried it. will be good for Ofw based.... Coz sliding left to right also swipes HS.. So wud be kinda irritating to use ..
  9. there are many cfw available for ur rm.. try that..
  10. seems he dnt knw how to get to versions.. thats y i mentioned to xtract first.. and after brwsing to versions he can juss replace the existing cfw name with the one of his choice
  11. xtract the rofs using nfe.. browse to resource > >versions. u'll find text files there.. replace the names u want frm there..
  12. A brand new Twitter app has just arrived to Nokia’s Series 40 devices and it promises smartphone-like functionality to Nokia’s feature phones. Nokia is selling much less smartphones nowadays, so it’s hugely dependent on its feature phones to keep it afloat while it’s transitioning, and this app here is key to that as more and more people get on Twitter. It looks okay, with the @Connect feature to see mentions and #Discover to find new tweets both on board. Otherwise, it’s a pretty standard Twitter experience and you might even get to send a couple of tweets if your Series 40 device h
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