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  1. http://dx.com/p/aino...tg-white-259368


    Posted Image


    Ainol Novo8 wins hands down with tablets in the range of 100$. 


    Why NOVO8 ? 

    Firstly, Ainol are the leader when it comes to budget tablets. Best at low price is what they are known for 

    And the one mentioned above is the beast of them all . A tablet should be something light and ease to carry to and with just 470g NOVO8 is the right choice to go for. 

    Dual core, Android 4.1 and 512 mb ram, all of these at a price below 100$ is a STEAL! 


    Next Giveaway Suggestion :

    A photography contest would be good wherein a people's choice winner is selected ( One with most likes ) .  

  2. :) hi, bro i have palikon Black edition  i want to change its boot screen and boot tune , have mif files but whenever i Putt it in rofs2/resourse/apps

    but when i flash,my phone does not Start...... Where is the prolm?

    Have i to delete previous boot screen ?

    replace the previous with the desired

    actuly..i m aware about how to flash nokia phone...since last 2 year...bt...i want to create my own CFW..

    because of...i hav selected the CFW research TOPIC for my college project...so i want to create my own cfw..wid diffrent icons,UI,theme effects,n more,so...plz help me...to do modding step by step...

    i hope i wil get reply from u all great folks..  :-h

    what help you want in that ?
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