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  1. Sorry to hear about this. Can you please explain the problem? Well if you want to remove it follow this trick. METHOD 1 * Change the language of your device from English to another (which you can understand.) * Apply open 4 all patch. * open x plore, navigate to C:/Resources/Apps/menu2.r01 and delete it. * again navigate to C:/Resources/Scshortcut.r01 and delete it. Finally change your font if you used my font e.i. Android Now change your device language to English. This mod will be removed. METHOD 2 * Hard reset your device e.i. *#7370# Note- your device data will be lost by hard reset. Hope you got it. If you like this mod and you don't know how to make this work, feel free to contact me. I will help you to make it work.
  2. This navigation bar has been created by me. Hope you will enjoy... Note:- Your device must be hacked.To make this work use provided font which contains almost all symbols and logos.Have Fun... Tutorial:- ?? Copy menu2.r01 to C:/Resources/Apps/ Copy Scshortcut.r01 to C:/Resources/ Use Font Android in font router app.Extreme navigation.zip
  3. FP1 models bring up the memory card status icon in the upper right corner. [Tutorial] 1. Apply the patch 'Open4All' and add it to auto. 2. Open X-plore, go to C:\Private\10202be9\101F8764.txt 3. Press I or edit the .txt file by pressing option>File>Edit 4. Change the line 0x1 int 137 0 cap_rd = alwayspass cap_wr = alwaysfail to 0x1 int 1427 0 cap_rd = alwayspass cap_wr = alwaysfail 5. Save and reboot the device. NOTE: - If you are unable to find '101F8764.txt' in C:\Private\10202be9\ Then copy the same (101F8764.txt) from Z:\Private\10202be9\ to C:\Private\10202be9\ And uncheck its attribute 'read-only' now you can edit. The icon is with the memory card to display the presence or absence. It works tested by me on my Nokia E63 Screenshots are above. File attached. Post Updated Get this mod in .sis file and install. Note- *Make sure open4all patch is applied before install. * Install it in Phone memory. *After install reboot your device.
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