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  1. Ok, Soz Iv created 3 or 4 like this. I wont do any more!
  2. Hello.. I want to do a post exchange and im willing to do anything from 10 posts each to 50 posts each. If your interested, Please comment below and we will get started. My Forum: //Link removed// PS: When we sign up to each others forums, Make sure you add an avatar, website & other profile information.. I will do the same when signing up to your forum. Note: I have an Advertising Area on my forum. Please do not post in this as part of your post exchange. After you have completed your side of the exchange on my forum, then feel free to post there. Thanks! Post Exchanges Co
  3. SeanFace101

    Jungle Run

    I have been playing a game on my iPhone called "Jungle Run". You are constantly running and have to dodge obsticles by flicking your finger each way. I have also played it on the iPad. Also you tilt the iPhone/Ipad to move too. Its good :S
  4. I didnt know there was that many differant forum softwares out there
  5. My Blog.. //Link removed// Check out all my lastest drawings & scrolls. You can comment, rate & share all the drawings & scrolls iv done. //Link removed//
  6. Am i allowed to have a Signature? If so.. Am i allowed to have Links in it? Does anybody know?
  7. This may be a bit boring.. But i prefer just to keep the normal screen with no wallpaper. Just all the differant option i can use
  8. I just downloaded an app call "Bump" It is to transfer files from iPhone to iPhone. It seems ok, not came across any problems with it so far.
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