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  1. Hello guys, I bought a headset paired to my nokia n8, but I can not make the voice commands for chiamate.Mi explain, is a headset that not just launch Voice Command controls I get the message: "when voice commands do not can be used. " I'm trying all the settings for the ear to those of telefono.La strange thing is that it does not work without it. What can it be? greetings
  2. Hello guys, I made the big mistake of installing maps 2.0 suite, heavy and takes up a lot of memory. How do I permanently delete it and go to first? Thanks and regards
  3. Hello guys, I wanted to ask you if you know of a patch to extend the duration of the alarm, because after 30 seconds turns off and left me asleep. I take this opportunity to ask another info, eliminating office and making smart office I lost the various associations pdf, doc, ...... Now I tried to riassociarle with xplore 1:56 but without any success, do not go. Do you have any suggestions or advice?
  4. have you another solution without hard reset?
  5. Thank you. If you have any fixes i can try
  6. hi, i use nokia N8,with belle 111.030.0609.c21.01
  7. Hello guys I wanted to ask you a hand. I have a little problem with the calendar, in the sense that it opens, keeps appointments, but when I try to open one I get the time or memory is full and closes on its own or leaves directly. I checked and the memory is fine and also the processes are free. you think how can I fix this?
  8. SmartMovie can not open many files. I thought there were other programs. Do you know other programs similar to mobile guard? Guard with Belle does not handle programs at startup. thanks
  9. hello guys, someone has managed to remove ovi music or permanently close these processes: odnpserver wrtserviceresolver ombengine xmppservice take up memory in my opinion unnecessary Do you know a dvx or mpeg video player that has the brightness and contrast controls as SmartMovie? The player reads everything (smartmovie not) but I can not increase brightness or other settings .... no ..... thanks
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