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  1. Hi people I need some help editing my font which has the 6 page symbols- there is a lot of symbols I don't want and I want to replace those with other available symbols but each time I try with font creator pro my font goes from 740kb to 198kb and my phone shows all blocks and stuff. Please can someone please help me or if you can edit it for me? I've been trying for two weeks now with no luck
  2. I found the problem- It was a font issue. Solved
  3. Yes it's visible in the dialpad and in messaging it's just when I'm entering my sims pin then they are blank
  4. I attached the theme and I'm using icebeat pro cfw on nokia 5230...
  5. Bro, I'm still a newbie myself- I don't know how to edit the avkon although there is tutorials across the web, you should just search. Try this avkon and tell me if it worked for you.
  6. You need a default avkon.dll then place in c/sys/bin then restart phone but I have no default so can't help you with that...Try this? http://forum.***********.net/index.php?topic=77676.msg1129671#msg1129671 Check the last post. //Post edited. External links removed. //Shivam94
  7. I'm pulling my hair out here! I'm trying to change my cfw's default theme but when all is done the star * and hash # keys don't seem to appear when I must enter my sims pin. Tried installing other themes-same thing. Flash phone with original default theme in tact then it appears again- also the tested themes then shows these symbols. Please help me what am I doing wrong? It looks really ugly with them blank :'( Please help!
  8. Guess I'll just have to remove it completely then to get rid of it urg
  9. See, I would like to still have the feature on my phone for in case my network support voip in the future but I don't want the widget appearing in the list so I only want to delete the widget but I can't seem to figure out which one it is in the ROFS2\private\200159c0\install folder like I found the wifi widget to delete... Please help :'(
  10. Hi people, i'm using icebeat pro cfw on my phone and it has this internet telephone widget listed in the add content list on homescreen. How can I remove this?I really don't like seeing it there and don't have any use for it so please if anyone could help me get rid of it I would really appreciate that...
  11. Hey people can anyone please tell me how I can add sound to buttons like when pressing menu button and power button like in Belle cfw?
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