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  1. ok pming you few files for test ......+1 mate. edit : check your pm......
  2. if i get someone to port ..then we can have it.....but no one now....sorry mate..... and guys x6 will come in few days 3-4 days...as we are fixing some bugs....and battery files are almost ready to test..... @sup3r can you edit your 1st post and title a bit ....if you want .....
  3. amazing mate thanks ........will send you files ....do you know how to edit rofs??
  4. x6 rm559 coming soon...thanks to edios.... edit: can someone help with battery version..(testing )(uploading)
  5. hehe...did you see its price and it just had 8 levels...lol....+1 thanks mate...+1 back..
  6. thanks mate +1...ok i will add few mods and more battery in heavy ....and regarding belle apps i will provide sis so that anyone can install it restart phone and get belle cfw type......but i need someone to help me with test and uploads....
  7. thanks mate..... will work on battery version.....need guys to help as my s60v5 is dead almost .....
  8. +1 back mate...thanks .. +1 back..mate.....its amazing.... +1
  9. mate you please flash and see with heavy version......i am not in state on writing much...btw thanks a lot for trying to port it to your rm...+1
  10. try both mate ...i havent flashed since months ...using heavy... but acc to me heavy gives 2-3 mb less ram than lite....startup ram 61 ...after heavy use 50+
  11. credits - Binh24 for his N97 Port| DJraz| Aeronliru| Apex666| Drakulaboy| DevilYazdan| Mr.Gourav2000| gizmolord members for support| vgp| vizhigal| akss| akshay5233| NP| newcooler| Dan-av| chris_marsh+areku(icons)| allstar12345+gagan(effects) .... special thanks to: thepurepunjabi, Nictroll(theme) team: edios , Topaz, affaan(left due to personal reason) , need helpers ,more joining.... note- use provided core only... delete sys,private,data,system,resource
  12. The newest addition to Gameloft's Asphalt family just landed in the Store. Dubbed Asphalt 7: Heat, this first-class racing game brings all new ways to hit the pavement in your favorite car, including offerings from Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin. Asphalt 7 features 15 different racks based in real locations around the globe, with all new tracks in places like Hawaii, Paris, London, Miami, and Rio to go along with its six different games modes and 15 leagues. It also features a revamped multi-player mode that lets you race against up to five opponents either locally or online, and th
  13. Gameloft : The plot, which loosely follows that of the blockbuster, takes a backseat to the action. Those hoping for a play-by-play of the social struggles in The Dark Knight Rises will be disappointed. But then, monologues on the nature of justice and the morality of compromise would hardly make for compelling gameplay. You'll get a story that intersects with the movie at key points, filling in with what boils down to a lot of fetch-quests and wave after wave of baddies. The puzzles presented include a hacking mini-game similar to Mass Effect, though the justification for some of them -
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