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  1. are there any links so tht we cn download paid apps as we want;-)
  2. is there any chance for such type of free stuff;)
  3. friends i have a black berry curve 8300 but un able to connect it in my pc and i need it furiously coz its software has got currupted and only can be upgraded now via pc plzzz hel p me what to do
  4. yes u r right ubuntu 11.10 has more bugs and lack of useful softs...like synaptic package manager and many others
  5. bro download directly from official site using ur browser whatever it is 3g or 2g it takes 2 hr extra time in 2g and best method to do
  6. thx bro but i better got an option but my problem is that when i have connected my linux through internet and i am downloading and directly installing windows then the problems come that it is unable to install properly
  7. hey nikship i m a newbie using ubuntu 11.4 on windows 7 using wubi ...but i am unable to get sounds and oter codecs which are essential for multimedia etc... plzz help me
  8. hey ...except archiever no file worked or installed
  9. thnx bro for helping me thx so much ....i havent tried but i m going to install 32-bit and in just 10-20 minuts hey after installing them ...can i execute .exe files ???? hey bro ....my version is 11.04 32-bit would these files work?????
  10. and do i need to download all of the above related files or just files which come at the bottom of each page???
  11. Hey there are many files which one i should use and can they work with the window i have installed through wubi
  12. i am using ubuntu 11.4 any help bro .......???
  13. hey bro.....i have g31/33 intel chipset msi motherboard ......and when i proceed to this....i faced the problem of no sound..no good resolution ....and no installation of softwares any help????????/ plzzzzz
  14. Nikship is right ......yes but the problem in 5233 is that this phone has very low ram management and pawan is using x6,,,...............and the other prob is that i m still a newbie .....for adjust them so ...fingures crosseddd may god help us mns ....die2mrw n binh24......
  15. I tried your cfw but the problem comes that it becomes unstable when we uses more apps in a single time more means ....3-4 ....i think you should trie to put qt files in mmc by using this qt would work on the mmcs storage and the ram of phone would be saved for better performance,.....default browser's connectivity is downgraded.....what hppnd????
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