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  1. :'( hey buddy i am flashing my mob everything is going fine but in end it says.. '' just another flasher'' i tried flashing many times but the problem is same.... plz help...
  2. thankx buddy..... +1 just tell i have to backup through app ovi suite..right?
  3. buddy i am using this program p key in run as admin but still the problem presist it says part by part configuration is incorrect. I still tried many times but the problem is same. What should i do. . .
  4. bro please help i luv ur cfw but when i open pkey emulator it says something like error and i also tried in running sp3 and sp2 but still the problem presists.......... please tell what to do... i'm in real trouble..... so plz help
  5. buddy please tell can i use the same core nd uda as i used in my old cfw
  6. hlo frnd... i already have core+uda for my 5233 v51 so i dont have to download thes files again???
  7. +1 and everyday +1.. means i can manual flash my phone without navifirm files.. but i am using win7 which compatibility mode did i choose to run jaf.. and and please tell me what is xp64 and x86 i dont get it and which one i have to use in win7... waiting for your reply
  8. could it be possible.. getting ofw files without using navifirm.. thankxx
  9. thankx +1 for ur help but can it be done in win7 thankxx
  10. frnd manual flashing is better or flashing with pheonix..
  11. friends i am a newbe i dont know much about cfw.. i have nokia quartz cfw files and jaf. can anyone tell me to safetly flash nokia 5233.. my fw version is 51.1.002 so please help anyone.. i'm waiting please
  12. hi buddy can u give me an app for my nokia 5233 like aoi patch wih kinetic scrolling and features like camera sound off
  13. could you also tell me which flashing tools to use i am a newbe and i don't know all about this stuff...... thankxxxx
  14. links are working thankxx friend i truly appreciate your help thankx
  15. please give me a link for core+uda files for nokia 5233 rm 625 v51.1.002 please these links are showing errors.... so please help...
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