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  1. i'm using nokia 5233 i want to replace some files from z drive....... anyone knows how to do it??
  2. My exclusive mod. its the latest version for nokia 5233 i modded it my self it is working fine. How to install.. 1st- remove ovi store and ovi store client with unistall king. (Must with unistall king) then install ovi store-client.mod. Then install ovi store mod. NOTE. Ovi store launcher must not be deleted. Otherwise it will show an store update. After that done. Now you can successfully run it into e drive. uninstallking.sis Ovi Store E.zip
  3. thankx for your efforts.. but i already have it.. but thankx
  4. sometimes its not necessary to do a big time modifying to run apps... simple editing with sis editor and free singer also works...
  5. dude you should messeged me.... anyway.. what you have done is remove cert with free singer... then install with rompatcher...... i have done it its working you should have asked me
  6. now feel the ui of windows mobile 8
  7. and could anyone also tell which these theme effects are.... plz
  8. can anyone tell me.. which is the best and fast theme effect for nokia 5233.. thankx in adv
  9. i tried running with admin... and tried everything but still the problem is same
  10. can anyone help me to edit a theme......... im using wp8 apollo pro theme.. i didnt like its watch and topbar so i want to remove it. so help me please...
  11. means its fully compitable with nokia 5800 if you run this app in nokia 5233 or any other it says not compatible..... but the other is compatible with any device
  12. the 1st app is for s60 5th ed and the second is for nokia 5800
  13. its a simple mod for s60 users to remove their hs clock..... ist sign.the app,install then restart....
  14. this app can rotate any symbian device without the help of a sensor....
  15. did you forget to hard reset your phone after flashing... hard reset by holding 3 buttons.. red key call key and camera hold these 3 buttons and press power button. leave those buttons if you see a nokia hand logo.. it anything dosent help than you have to go to nokia care
  16. yes from navifirm... and also search in forum-revive dead phone using jaf........... hit thankx if it helped u...
  17. i think buddy you have flashed with the wrong core.. try reflashing with ofw files.. then you will get your phone back
  18. its a best theme you'll ever had... i am sharing with you guys..... so please post your reviews.........
  19. hey friends help me please... i am flashing my mobile with jaf, everything is going fine but in the last step where i press my mobile power button for 1 second it says phone found but in another moment it says "just another flasher" and also says "jaf encountered a ploblem the information your working on may be might lost" so what do i do to overcome this problem.....
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