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  1. i wanna add some extra applications on my cfw, i wanna know the steps to do it, can anyone tell me how to do it, thanks!
  2. i'm editing the rofs2 of cfw ginger dust.. but when click on repack it says "error building rofs2 image file".... I've tried many times but the problem is still same.... Can anyone help me please.
  3. ah.. Its ok... At least you'r problem is solved..
  4. welcome.. but ....umm can you explain more coz i didn't understand what you want to say......
  5. as we know.... belle topbar automatically disappears/disables by itself... So here is a fixed version of belle topbar which is working fine its a fixed and a stable version.. belletopbarv3.0fixed.sis
  6. you can easily download it... Just search in this forum or try searching in google...
  7. you have to flash with original firmware files (OFW) then flash with you'r desired cfw files.
  8. thanks added but can you tell me...how to add more theme icons for apps like opermini,xplore,shazam... etc and... about belle topbar... it automatically disables by itself... how to fix it...... thanks..
  9. the cfw is great.... but im facing some bugs like.. The belle topbar sometimes disables.. When opening some apps. And i wanna remove some apps like 3D photo browser,help,slide to unlock,maps plazera,drawing... can anyone help me please. I'll appreciate it.
  10. i flashed my mobile with equilbrium cfw.... The cfw is great i highly appreciate the work. But i'm facing some problems like- the device is restarting by itself when i open nokia conversations,settings and some other apps like opera mini and message reader, i've reflashed it but my problem is same.... Can anyone help me with it. Thanks
  11. thanks... iv'e tried blaze and quartz files but it says corrupted... but i flashed with equilbrium files and it worked... the cfw is great.. but im facing some bugs... can i reflash with the files again...?
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