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  1. Thanks, mate! Will be waiting for it. Also, you may try install and use Foursquare - I guess there is a bug with SSL in SFR since when I try to log in I get SSL handhake error... May try to resolve it too... Otherwise everything is really OK for now (as long as I use it for one about a week now)... +3
  2. Thanks. And what about sync with Nokia Suite? I was not able to find the solution...
  3. And also,.... Belle topbar ocasionally disappears, still task shows running... after task killed and topbar restarted, it is displayed again. Happens several times a day. What can be the cause...?
  4. OK. Thanks' for the answers. Why is this second homescreen present at all if we cannot make any use of it...? But, there should be a way if you can place a Belle clock on it Also, may be I am blind, but I cannot find the solution for the Nokia Suite synchronization on the first page... Maybe you can provid a link or point me to it by some other means? Thank's again for the great job.
  5. Thanks' for the MOD. Just 2 quetions: 1. Is it possible to put some widgets on second homescreen, and if yes then how (cannot find a way that works) 2. With Nokia Suite - synchonization is not working with my old 5800 XM (just hangs at some 80% when syncing contacts, and do not sync pictures etc., too) - what could be the cause?
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