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  1. Most people of class became my "Best Friends" for 2 months just because they wanted me to make their project. They day submission got over, the entire class stopped talking to me. So i decided never to help anyone in my class again.... People are so selfish....
  2. Exactly 2 years back for me. I was learning all this in 10th. I really enjoyed the 10th computer board exam. I scored 92/100 and all my friends were crying after the paper
  3. Learn Java programming tutorial lesson 5 - Data input and type conversions Until now we have set the values of variables in the programs. Now we will learn how to get input from the user so that our programs are a bit more interesting and useful. Reading single characters To read a single character from the user you must use the System.in.read() method. This will return and integer value of the key pressed which must be converted to a character. We use (char) in front of System.in.read() to convert the integer to a character. After the user has pressed the key they must press enter an
  4. Learn Java programming tutorial lesson 1 - First Program What is Java? Java is an object-oriented programming language which was developed by Sun Microsystems. Java programs are platform independant which means they can be run on any operating system with any type of processor as long as the Java interpreter is available on that system. What you will need You will need the Java software development kit from Sun's Java site. Follow the instructions on Sun's website to install it. Make sure that you add the java bin directory to your PATH environment variable. Writing your first J
  5. +1 for sharing. EDIT : Kinetic Scrolling sucks badly. And the arrow takes you to an advert instead of the menu. The app is bad
  6. Thats the problem in inda. People memorize and don't understand anything
  7. Here's a guide for all those people who go when they have to make one of those pattern programs... It will explain you how to make these funny triangles:- * ** *** **** ***** A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A Download From Here
  8. Learn C++ Programming Tutorial Lesson 6 - Arrays What is an array? An array is a group of variables that uses one name instead of many. To access each of the individual variables you use a number. How to use an array To declare an array put square brackets after the name of the array. These square brackets must have the number of variables or elements inside them. Here is an example of how to declare an array of integers which has 3 elements int arr[3]; You can set the values of an array by using the number of the element you want to set in the square brackets behind it. Arra
  9. Learn C++ Programming Tutorial Lesson 1 - First Program Requirements Before we start programming in C++ we need a compiler. We will be using a command line compiler for this tutorial. I will be using Borland C++ Compiler 5.5 but you can use any other ANSI/ISO compliant compiler such as gcc. Hello World Program Our first C++ program will print the message "Hello World" on the screen. Open a text editor and start by typing the following line: #include<iostream> The above line includes the header file called iostream which will allow us to use the command to print words on
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