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  1. SPP Jeally Bean Locker is a Skin of SPP Slide Unlock App First install SPP Slide Unlock App Instal this app and change skin to SymDroid Lock I hope you will enjoy this Super Lock Remember to unlock your phone Press menu button instead of lock or you will face to much trouble
  2. http://forum.gizmolord.com/s60v5-applications/ios-6-launcher-spb-skin/?action=dlattach;attach=13028
  3. Next Genration IOS 6 Launcher SPBSkin Bye Bye Zip skin files here comes the sis launcher Download it, install it, restore it and launch Most beautiful Iphone skin ever made for Nokia Symbian Devices Every Nokia Supported from S60v5 to Anna Belle Seven dots homescreen to five dots homescreen. Most beautiful SPB Launcher Till today. Set wallpaper from E: Wallpapers Belle Refresh Users if after installing this app SPB Skin not change then move all dat file from e:others/SPBShell to e:Private/20028b16 and restore Hope you will enjoy Download Link: http://www.4shared.com/zip/dvT2eZW8/IOS
  4. Nokia Lumia Player Deluxe Edition TTPOD SKIN Just Instal and Enjoy Upadates: 1. No need to move any file from one place to another 2. Sisx file just instal 3. Scan all songs on first startup 4. Lumia skin is default in this Edition 5. 20 Visualization instead of two 6. Only for hacked phones
  5. ICS Skin for SPP Slide Unlock is available now. Download ICS Locker. ICS Skin is Preinstalled in the App. Just instal and enjoy
  6. i have games api it installed but apps didn't work only polarbit games create problem
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