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  1. an any one tell which is the best CFW for samsung 5620 which have built in apps like Slide to unlock Multitasking Qwerty keybord Flv sport And most important thing is that it should have some different theme I am currently using MFJF1 which is too old for me i want some thing new in my monte so plz guys also post your replies rather then just viewing the post
  2. i am currently applying HtC sensation beta but i tried many themes but got the same error after restart
  3. can any one tell me which is the best FW i am using MFJF1 ..
  4. yeah it should definitely work but i want to install themes in my device which is not possible with out patching so any other idea
  5. i flashed samsung 5620 with MFJF1 and installed HTC mode but i got 00000061 patch error after restarting my Phone plz help guys
  6. but in step 2 its mentioned to check UART ????
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