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  1. Well if permited for a newbe I want to particepate in this contest too ,because i love music ,and those head phones are awsomly designed black and silver colour combination is simply awsome pluse these are one of best head phone ever seen and looks awsome .and that skul candy logo is kinda cool too and moreover i'm more proud to get those mind blowing head phones from one of best fourm sites ,yeah "http://forum.gizmolord.com" thnx gl
  2. my cfw giving 57 mb but it have intigrat4ed belle topbar, extrabuttons app, and ktask i think that effects ram
  3. well bro im not confermed about sfr i saw it some where on gizmolord but blaze provides lots of ram around 68 to 70 but blaze have few things i hate
  4. mate i 'm gona use belle shell as defsut hs , so qt is necessory ,and i'm using light weight theem but all mif files in cfw are edited uing very simpele effects they are off by default but still im getting 57 mb max in my cfw based on n97 i have belle top bar and extrabuttons app intigrated ,sky fire cfw provides around 70 mb help me bro and i'm gona delet matrix menu .cause belle shell dont requires that but i can remove home screen too gut still want more ram
  5. man only thing i wana say is all i want to do is we can menu like that belle only thing we need to do is replace home screen ,so if we remove menu part from belle shell we are almost done ,it can save more ram and one more thing belle shell 1.5 consumes 21 mb ram compared to 1.1 it take only 7.5 large diffrence isnt it ??? Well copying uing script is not bad idea but killing homescreen permanently is almost imposible we can but it will result in few bugs even you kill it and when you exit evry thing an app name telephone will be open in background .
  6. bro its related to some chinese social networking app so it is always gona be chinese +english
  7. bro already edited those stil 56 mb on n97 based cfw sugest more
  8. Nice idia mate my cfw based on ofw provides total 118 mb and ive used around 92 but i have few bugs
  9. instead of editing with sis contents go to c \private >200393ce> qml and edit
  10. i want more ram in my cfw based on n97 mini and one based on ofw
  11. Mate run fwcleaner and remove slide to unlock then edit pockstarter and remove popup clock u may save more ram
  12. guys this app is a kinda social networking app for www.qq.com wel i got this info from my chinese friend
  13. well guys all the auto start apps make a settings file usualy a test file which is not in sis format but it is reponsible for settings made in app and is usefull when restarted like belle top bar have setings file in beletop bar folder if you open that fille it is acording to your settings in top bar
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