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  1. Hi.. I've got a question.. I had flashed my phone using this CFW.. As I was opening settings option from menu, it exits and brings me back to homescreen.. and as I do it again, it enters the settings menu but when I choose connectivity option from it it exits again and returns me to homescreen.. and on the third time I do it, it's fine already and it does not exit to homescreen anymore.. It's not a big deal for me but I want to know if there is a solution for this.. Anyway, this CFW has a good battery backup.. as my battery life is not that good this makes it last for at least 18-20 hours wit
  2. so it is ok to copy contents of rofs (from a certain cfw) to the rofs of your current rm?? ex: Windows 8 Apollo Belle Nokia 5800 (RM-356) rofs contents to Nokia 5230 (RM-588) empty rofs? is it ok?
  3. i think eventhough there is a repartiti0ned rofs for your ph0ne, it is still not safe to copy rofs fr0m different rm and use it to your phone.. I think that will kill your ph0ne..
  4. i always do a clean flash every time i use a different or new cfw.. Hard reset ph0ne and totally ref0rmat mem0ry card..
  5. mine is able to read e\music, dang what is happening to dailym0bile? Ive been banned..
  6. i prefer using nokia cooker when using repartitioned 118mb rofs.. as with my experience with NFE is it does not allow you to repack when you such file..
  7. download these two files: empty rofs 118mb - www.4shared.com/archive/oN88hjx7/NEW_EMPTY_ROFS2_5230_RM-588_V_.html core repartiti0ned - www.4shared.com/archive/779Bz5-_/NEW_CORE_5230_RM-588_V_516002.html be sure to have a n0kia co0ker. Extract c0ntents of gdv2 and c0py files anywhere on desktop. N0w open empty rofs using n0kia c0oker, after opening drag and drop the files that you extracted. Save firmware then use that file as ur rofs. Flash with the c0re (the one that i provided) and uda that is included in core. This way worked with my 5230rm588.. Credits to team eclipse and gour
  8. ohhh yeah it really disappeared.. I havent used qwerty in ages.. Hope this will be fixed..
  9. did you m0dify your avk0n here? Coz its different fr0m what sfr has? The 3 butt0ns in messaging did n0t disappear..
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