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  1. my nokia 5233 is flashed with hawk. . And now i want to use skyfire. . But when i click flash and press the power on button of my phone, my phone starts and "phone not detected" is displayed. . Any help please?
  2. core link for 5233 v51 is still showing "invalid or deleted file" help me to dnwnload!
  3. where's the operating system name? i can't find .txt file for it..
  4. Problem: Where is actually the file of cfw name...like when we press *#0000#...How to create new NAMES,CREATOR,and TYPE if making own cfw... making my own cfw so please reply asap.. Title edited //
  5. hey modders! i just wanted to know that can you make a software or mod for s60v5 phones to support live wallpaper like android phones?? (ex. live koi fish)
  6. hello guyz !! i'ma newbie and i wanted to know how can i add files in rofs2 (as for example i want to add files of QT fix in rofs2..) please help i need the procedure..
  7. bro !! how to put these files in rofs2 ?? you have any tutorials for this ??
  8. please help me with installation tutorial and download links of QT and QT mobility so that i can run QT applications on my nokia 5233
  9. running apps in removable section are (from KIllme) : *popupclock , **procMgrServer_ox2002..., **loggerServer_ox2002B... , and *peninputserver and i had done hard reset ( *#7370#) on my phone only once when i was flashing !
  10. how to use it... please provide me with steps
  11. can anyone tell me how to increase ram size in equilibrium.. i'm just getting : 17.20 mb /121.06 mb
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