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Orpheus Story : The Shifters

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Orpheus Story : The Shifters

Become Orpheus of Greek mythology and travel between dimensions.

4 chapters and 400 various tales will touch your heart.

They are also needlessly educational

but interesting.


It is easy to play the game.

Read the story and choose the lines you like among

sarcasms, jokes, words to protect lovers, and virtuous ones. The story will change greatly by your choice.

It is very easy; anybody can do it as long as you are over 11 years old.

Mark my words, the story you have changed will bring out the hidden stories of gods and your legends to the battlefield.


Remember, the story is not all.


This is a strategy game where you become a hero of Greek myths, raise cities and armies, and fight others.

You can blow war-horns, unite with other players, trade with them, and dominate vast kingdoms.

You can also create a guild, trade with members, collect taxes from players, and make people your slaves.

Like so, dominate kingdoms and become a hero of Greek mythology.

Hmm... why should you be a hero?

It is because if you become one, there will be beautiful ladies, knight serving you, lovely yet willful maid, cursed childhood friend, and many heroines around you.

A privilege of heroes.

As you play the game, you can make them like you more and even marry them.

Link to Google play:


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