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Dual Laser Light Saber

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fIENlhyMEK09IUT7vHyFcZ1qMG_KO7rmb5-iEjgsl7Z3yQJ6SSy5FEaRLsBBfQNSIaPlRbpuRIKpFVCsDual Laser Light Saber

Double laser beams in your cosmic light saber with matching light sword sound and simulation. Your led camera light turns on when you start your light sword by clicking the buttons or shaking your phone. In the settings, you can assemble two lasers, light sabers, buttons, stars and background color at your convenience, as well as change other functions. If you shake your device, then your dual laser saber and led flashlight will turn on with star fighter sound effects. Activate your dual laser saber against the dark power in the cosmos.


Link to Download:


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