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Heyy - Start Sharing Now

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Heyy - Start Sharing Now
What do you do when you meet someone? Heyy let's you make the best first impression *instantly*. We make it easy to quickly connect and follow up with anyone. No more stressin'. No more missing info. Find the right person for the right opportunity - even on the go!

You're ready for your close up... Heyy helps you best present yourself and customize what you share, so they will remember you later!

~Heyy is the only way to instantly customize what you share~
• Meet someone new? Introduce yourself!
• Run into an old friend? Update them =)
• At an event? Network faster!

It’s as easy as selecting the info you want. Sharing is instant. So, now no matter *who* you run into you can decide WHAT to exchange.

Heyy works with LITERALLY Anyone, Anywhere
...Even if they don’t have the app - use AirDrop, Text, or Email. It also works offline.

Heyy is 100% FREE
Business cards? Boringgg and expensive. No cost for you AND no cost for the planet: Heyy is eco-friendly.

Heyy is FASTER
Build and raise your profile in seconds, customize it on the go.

A few clicks and it's done. Plus, we’re social so Heyy’s always up-to-date.

Much more than a simple business card, you can customize your card in seconds.
Link to ITunes:


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