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Are extended batteries reliable for a smartphone

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Never put any extended battery on charge at night.. You may wake up when your house is on fire as these extended batteries can explode anytime..

this shows the aspect of overheating.  But one more aspect asssociated with overcharging of these batteries is battery wear.  For those unfamiliar with this, it's decreasing max capacity of your battery to be charged.  Like if you have 2500 mah battery, but over time, if you put your batteries on charging over long time, there is reduction of the max capacity over time, say like 2478 Mah over period of 3 months.  This is a primary issue with extended batteries

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But Li-ion batteries are like long charging time = long lasting time.. I read it somewhere.. :P

yes Saurabh.  The innovation would be charging time = less, but battery discharge time = more

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