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Symbian Lite v5 for Nokia 5230 5530 5800 and X6

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We know that many prefer the speed and reliability rather than new, so we decided to upgrade one last time our CFW Symbian Lite now in version 5 compatible with the Nokia 5230, 5530, 5800 and X6. Based on the latest versions of each original team and a mixture of advanced features and compatibility and performance of original firmware you can enjoy much more than your mobile.

Here is the original source incase you need more info:



HOME SCREENS: You now have 8 different fully customizable home screens, including mobile original with them you can customize your desktop to your liking, you can view the images each of desktops.

CPU MODIFIED: Open and close applications will be something instantaneous, while all your mobile will be more fluid and that this has CFW changes in the way the processor manages the resources to increase the speed.

HACKED: From the moment you turn on your phone for the first time and do nothing and you can install any application compatible with your phone regardless of whether or not you forgetting the signed certificate error expired.

BATTERY: With several optimizations, well you can use your computer for more than 4 days without problems, something difficult to achieve with the original firmware or other CFW.

MORE RESOURCES: Now you have a lot more free memory in the internal memory of your mobile and even better you will enjoy about 70 MB of free RAM when you turn on the phone. With this you can run your favorite applications freely without fear of leaving memory full errors.

APPEARANCE: According to the new approach changed the old topic with a new designed by Dhanusaud that has absolutely all the custom icons, in addition to that you will enjoy excellent effects through the interface and a new type much more readable font.

COMPATIBILITY: This CFW to be based on the original versions of each firmware is 100% compatible with Bluetooth devices with system updates, Nokia Messaging, Nokia Suite and other things that you see you had a problem.


Available in English and Spanish Latino.

Better performance on Symbian games and applications.

Integrated Nokia Maps 6.3.

New Web Browser v7.3.133 date.

Slide unlock unlock.

Menu indicator reorganized and S60 open applications.

The File Manager allows you to send via Bluetooth all types of files without problems.

8 Home screens available

New Topic ye interface incredible effects.

Changing the browser cache to E: to avoid memory full

Removed from My Nokia applications and Welcome

The Gallery has been modified to read no unwanted folders.

JAVA application permissions to prevent automated requests incensarías

No need to sign any application.

Integrated app talks to the Messages menu.

SYMBIAN NOKIA 5230 Lite v5 RM-594

Based on version 51.2.002


SYMBIAN NOKIA 5530 Lite v5

Based on version 40.0.003


SYMBIAN NOKIA 5800 Lite v5

Based on version 60.0.003



Based on version 40.2.002




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what about RM-559?

well it's symbian latino, but I dont tkink they are from Spain, they probably are from Latin America and thats why they made it first for RM551, But don't worry they usually make it for RM599 right after so be pacient....I hate original FW based CFW's case I cant' use menu grid switcher in it :(

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rape + 1 for sharing. Very nice of you. Dear mate ! I use this fw for my N5800, it is really good smoothy running on my device. But there is still 3 icons strange language. One more thing, I can not + Lang Vietnamese for jaf. If it could, my device can not start ( I mean my phone go death ) so please could you fix 3 icon into Eng and impossiple to + Vietnamese. I am sorry about my poor Eng.

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