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  1. All Social Networks in one Text Video Call Chat
    A combo pack of apps  

    Are you tired of using social networking apps separately? Do you want to have access to all your social network apps in one place? Then no need worry because our all-in-one social network app will help you.
    All-in-One Social Network app provides an easy access to all social networks namely: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, whatsapp and many more.
    This app contains all the famous social networks sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp.
    It allows Smartphone users to access their multiple social network accounts from single mobile app.
    Our Social Messenger app will let you can open all the messenger and social apps without installing them & no mobile data consumption.
    You can easily access all of the below listed social networks within this app:
    - Google
    - Facebook
    - InstaGram
    - SnapChat
    - Messenger
    - Whatsapp
    - Vimeo
    - Dailymotion
    - 9Gag
    - Vine
    - Twitter
    - Linkedin
    - Myspace
    - Pinterest
    - Netflix
    - Badoo
    - And Many More...
    Link to Google play:]
  2. Heyy - Start Sharing Now
    What do you do when you meet someone? Heyy let's you make the best first impression *instantly*. We make it easy to quickly connect and follow up with anyone. No more stressin'. No more missing info. Find the right person for the right opportunity - even on the go!
    You're ready for your close up... Heyy helps you best present yourself and customize what you share, so they will remember you later!
    ~Heyy is the only way to instantly customize what you share~
    • Meet someone new? Introduce yourself!
    • Run into an old friend? Update them =)
    • At an event? Network faster!
    It’s as easy as selecting the info you want. Sharing is instant. So, now no matter *who* you run into you can decide WHAT to exchange.

    Heyy works with LITERALLY Anyone, Anywhere
    ...Even if they don’t have the app - use AirDrop, Text, or Email. It also works offline.
    Heyy is 100% FREE
    Business cards? Boringgg and expensive. No cost for you AND no cost for the planet: Heyy is eco-friendly.
    Heyy is FASTER
    Build and raise your profile in seconds, customize it on the go.
    Heyy is SEAMLESS
    A few clicks and it's done. Plus, we’re social so Heyy’s always up-to-date.
    Heyy is more CUSTOMIZABLE
    Much more than a simple business card, you can customize your card in seconds.
    Link to ITunes:

  3. Post on InnerGroup in Apps

    By freethinkern, posted
    Social Media Networking done right.
    Now You Can Easily Send & Receive Secure, End-to-End Encrypted Texts, Videos, Pics
    & Audio!
    > FREE Download & NO Ads
    > Perfect for Small & Large Groups
    > Nothing Stored in the Cloud – Ever!
    > Stop Worrying About Data Leaks, Spam & Strangers
    > Ideal for Personal & Professional Use
    ***About InnerGroup***
    With InnerGroup, users start or join a tight-knit group that is comprised exclusively of members – who are called “Groupies”. Only people (a.k.a. Groupies) who are invited can join a group. Everyone else has to request access from the group’s owner.
    ***Secure Communication***
    Groupies send each other secure, end-to-end encrypted texts, videos, picture
    messages, and audio. There is no cost to send or receive posts, and there is no size limit.
    **Automatic Server Deletion***
    Once a post is delivered to each Groupie, it is automatically and permanently deleted from the InnerGroup server. As such, the only place the post lives is on each Groupie’s device – unless/until they wish to delete it.
    ***Enhanced Privacy***
    InnerGroup doesn’t collect or store any personal information, and there’s no back door. Conversations and posts can’t be tracked, intercepted or monitored. In addition, Groupies don’t have to worry about their contact information or address book being exposed, since they don’t need to provide their email address or phone number to use the app.
    ***Group Owner Deletion***
    If a group’s owner decides to delete a group, then ALL posts are automatically deleted from each Groupie’s device. Group owners can also “prune” their group by removing individual Groupies, and even update their join code to prevent banished Groupies from trying to sneak their way back in!
    ***Group Lock***
    Group owners can also use the handy “Group Lock” feature, which only allows Groupies to comment on posts. If desired, group owners can temporarily disable this feature and allow groupies to create new posts.
    Link to ITunes:

  4. Post on uniTFT AR in Apps

    By freethinkern, posted
    uniTFT AR
    Augmented Reality App (AR) zum Multifunktions-Display EA uniTFT050-A von DISPLAY VISIONS by ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY GmbH. Zusammen mit der Zeitschriftenwerbung eröffnen sich völlig neue Einblicke in die Möglichkeiten dieser Bedieneinheit (Anzeige zum Ausdrucken auch unter Richtet man die Kamera des Smartphones oder Tablets auf die Anzeige, beginnt das Display zu leben! Gleichzeitig läuft auf dem Display ein humorvoller Kurzfilm ab.
    Erleben Sie die vielfältigen Möglichkeiten dieses mächtigen Touchpanels.
    Finden Sie anhand eines 3D Modells heraus, welche Optionen und Features das Display bietet.
    Beobachten Sie, wie simpel Grafiken und Bildschirme aufgebaut werden.
    Link To ITunes:

  5. Post on iCirklShare in Apps

    By freethinkern, posted
    Have you ever downloaded a social app only to get followers, but not have the ability to choose which followers see what? Do you want to build the social status of a celebrity, without the hassle of being in front of the cameras? Are you yearning for a new social experience all together?
    Well, wait no more!
    iCirklshare is the world's first mobile relationship identifier and social status creator.
    In this game changing social app, you will now customize your social experience.
    Gain the freedom to own unlimited social Cirkls; unlimited members; & in this invite only network, you determine which social Cirkl you post to.
    Join Cirkls around you or even across the globe. Then use iCirklShare's unlimited Chat, Voice, & Video calls to help you stay connected.
    Build your social status with every post! The more members you have, the more iCirklShare helps you get noticed.
    Unlimited Private/Public Cirkls
    Around Me
    Unlimited Chat/Map Chat
    Unlimited Voice Calls
    Unlimited Video Calls
    Languages we support:
    English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Indonesian
    Link To ITunes:

  6. OffAT - Chat in Airplane Mode
    OffAT is a chat messenger app that can be used when there is no hotspot or Internet connection. OffAT can be used to chat with nearby devices. There is no need of hotspot or mobile Internet but wifi switch must be switched on.
    The app has the target market of International Visitors in International Conferences, Workshops and group travellers in Aeroplane.
    The app can also be used by remote villagers where Internet Connection is not feasible or by students to chat and share while in campus.
    Link To Download:
  7. Post on [FREE] BCast in Apps

    By freethinkern, posted
     A cool new app BCast

    BCAST™ is an open live mobile social broadcasting platform/aggregator that enables users to broadcast live streaming videos at any time from/to mobile devices, the web and/or smart TV., BCAST allows a member to create their own “BCAST Channel” or chose to watch from thousands of live streams that are name, keyword or location searchable. Upon request Bcasts are archived free for later viewing.
    BCAST™ is free to broadcasters and viewers and members can “follow” a BCAST member and receive a notification when that individual is broadcasting.
    Link to iTunes:
    Requirements: iOS 7.0 or Later.
    Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
    I recommend you to download this new and awesome     app.
  8. Post on [FREE] 22 in Apps

    By freethinkern, posted

    A cool new app 22
    ★★★ Introducing  22 ★★★
    22 is a revolutionary way to connect with people around you. 22 is on a mission to help those who are over wasting their time meeting people online only to be disappointed in person.
    22 is the only social app available where people don’t describe who they are, they show who they are.
    Instead of photoshopped, filtered or dreaded group photos, you can swipe through validated video profiles of potential matches and create your own. First impressions count, you only have up to 22 seconds to impress so get creative!
    Swipe right if you like what you see or left if you don’t. If you both impress each other - it’s a match!
    How 22 works:
    1. 22 shows you clips of interesting people you should meet.
    2. Swipe right to like and left to pass on each recommendation ( your swipe remains anonymous ).
    3. If you like each other you will both be notified that you have a match! You are then able to chat.
     Link to google play:
    Requires Android:  4.0.3 and up
    I recommend you to download this new and awesome app.