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  1. RPG Sounds: Fantasy
    RPG Sounds: Fantasy provides a free and easy way to add more immersion into your RPG games.
    RPG Sounds is a sound board designed to let the user play multiple audio files at the same time. Creating full immersion in your RPG games.
    Over 150 different sounds to choose from!
    *Multiple Audio players: Play atmospheric sounds, sound effects, music and your own custom tracks all at the same time for full immersion!
    *Favourites Playlist: Add sounds to a favourites playlist for easy and quick access to your most needed sounds.
    *Import your own custom files: Through iTunes file sharing the user is able to import their own MP3s to use within the app. 
    *Dice Roller: A simple dice roller has been included!

    If you like the app please leave us a review!
    Link to ITunes: